Residential FAQ

How much can I get paid for my old fridge/washing machine/water heater etc?

Unfortunately, these types of items are not worth much in small quantities, so we are unable to pay you for them. You can however drop them to one of our yards, free of charge which will save you in tipping fees! Your other option is to book a council clean up.

Will you come and pick up my fridge/washing machine/water heater etc for free?

As mentioned above white goods/water heaters have very little value in small quantities so if you need to book a driver and truck there is a charge. The item must also be in the curb outside of your property so the driver can park the truck alongside it to be collected. Your best option is to book a council clean up.

I have some copper and brass; how much will you pay?

There are a number of different types and grades of metal, for an accurate quote please call 9521 2430 or bring in a sample for us to provide you the best price possible!

I have an old outdoor table; will you take that if it has a glass top?

We will accept things like this if you take any glass off before bringing it in!

Can I bring my old BBQ gas bottle or other tanks in?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept these items because there may still contain gas/dangerous substances that may present an explosive risk. A solution would be to take them to your next council run ‘Household Chemical Clean Out Event’

Can I bring my old trailer/car/boat in to be scrapped?

We will accept these; you will need to bring the Rego papers to prove ownership.

I am unable to get my old trailer/car/boat to your yard, will you pick up?

If you need to book a collection there will be a charge to cover the cost of a driver, truck/crane truck. The item must be on the curb for the driver to be able to pull up alongside. For more information, please call 9521 2430

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